A universe in a new era, a cycle broken, a world wrought with racial divides; Kings and lords fighting the other for glory and power. Behind a cage of silence kept shut a determined Empire- Darkness emerges to consume chaotic and ordered life alike. Many ancient orders culminate to thwart the eternal gods and fight back the unfeeling void of Darkness that will suck in their reality and all life.


The setting of this lore is centered around the solar system Eris, which is a setting for the eternal struggle between two divine powers on many worlds in the past. Neither chaos nor order is divinely good or ethical, both represent the unique sides of life and their ways of living it. However these two twin gods believe the other is wrong and their reign of Order/Chaos must never end. Over each cycle reality progressed into what we know it as today, until the back and forth ended through intervention by a higher power and either god retreats to a new form; in this current age all races must find their own path towards destiny. All present Human history we will write about has taken place in this new age, when Humankind has become neutral in the struggle between chaos and order.

Universe Edit

The Universe is a vast expanse of mysterious occurrences and celestial bodies all seemingly static to the untrained eye, but full of history for those who delve deeper into it's expanse.

World Edit

The continents of Arnon and Abython are set upon the last planet to survive the cycles of chaos and order between the twin gods of the system. A vast collection of cultures, species, and religions fill this world and in the past multiple worlds over the ages, some believing in chaos and free will, and others encouraging order and the greater good. This past solar battleground and presently one crowded world will decide the fate of the divine dimensions. The diversity of life and cultures present a unique opportunity to examine the extremes of order vs chaos and the greater meaning life must take on to survive.

Latest activityEdit

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